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Lasers are a modern approach for treating many ailments in numerous medical fields. They emit amplified light, which can remove or change or repair tissues. There are several surgical dental procedures that your dentist can utilize lasers for, including trimming overgrown tissues, whitening teeth, or altering the gums. 

How Lasers Can Treat Your Periodontal Disease

Periodontal or gum disease is a dental infection that attacks the hard and soft tissues and jaw bone. Patients can develop gum disease for any number of reasons, including tobacco use, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, medications, and genetics. Typically, gum disease is treated with scaling and root planing, which cleans teeth surfaces and roots. 

Dr. Whitney Gomez can use laser treatment to preserve and regenerate tissue and build bone. The laser can focus on the infected root and kill any dying or infected tissue. Once we remove the tissue, our doctor can clean the root without scraping and make sure the pulp is free of bacteria. We can then use the laser to create a seal to protect the tooth root. 

The efficiency of laser treatment means that no healthy tissue is removed. Lasers also stimulate stem cells so that they form new connective bone, tissues, and collagen. Any lost ligaments or bone around the tooth can regrow and heal. 

The Benefits of Laser Dental Treatment

Lasers are a modern dentistry advantage that helps patients and treats infection and disease. Some of the benefits include:

  • Limited bleeding—Lasers reduce bleeding and gum swelling and can reduce the need for gum surgery by killing any harmful bacteria
  • Patient comfort— our doctor can adjust the intensity of the laser to suit the patient
  • Faster healing— Since lasers are less invasive to your oral structure, healing is quick when compared to traditional surgery 
  • Preserves your tissues—Lasers are incredibly precise, so only dead and infected tissue will be removed, and healthy tissue will not be disturbed
  • Sterile treatment—Lasers sterilize the surgery site, which means patients are at a lower risk for infection


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