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case 7 before
case 7 after
Dental Crowns Case

Patient had multiple issues in the upper front teeth. These issues including dental caries , crowding and discoloration. He does not want to go through orthodontic treatment.
Crowns where indicated for the upper front teeth. Patient is happy with the outcome of treatment.


Anterior Before edited
Anterior after
Dental Clinic Case

Patient is in his thirties, he is a grinder and apparently he shipped and worn his anterior teeth with rendered his smile compromized. Patient requested help in restoring his smile. He loves the results and enjoys smile with confidence.

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dentures and mouth restoration
Dental Implants Case

The patient is in her Forties , she lost all of her teeth and had a complete dentures done many years ago. Patient was never satisfied with the aesthetics and the retention of her existing dentures .

She also suffered angular cheilitis due to the loss of Vertical dimention that was not restored properly with her dentures.
We made a new set of dentures for the patient , restored aesthetics and function and made to solve patient issues. The results are great and the patient is happy with final results.



Margaret 161
Margaret 147
Dental Clinic Dentures

This case is for patient who had to loose all of his dentition. He chose to have complete Upper and Lower dentures. He wanted to enjoy food and smile with confidence. The results are great and the patient happy with final results.

before restoration
Final restoration
Dental clinical cases

Davis is 73 years old male that needed all his upper teeth extracted and lower teeth crowns. Mr. Davis did not want a denture and wanted to get a new smile in one day. He decided on an implant supported porcelain arch of teeth.
The first three pictures shows Patient mouth before and after a minor surgery ( same day temporary restoration) . The last picture shows the final restorations with zirconia arch for Upper teeth and ceramic crowns on lower teeth.
Davis is Very happy with the results. He enjoys food again and can smile with confidence.