Dental Sealants in Baytown, TX

Dental sealants are a plastic coating that is incredibly thin and brushed onto the chewing surfaces of the molars or back teeth.

Food can easily become trapped inside the deep ridges on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. these areas can be incredibly difficult to clean, so we seal these ridges to prevent food and plaque buildup. by eliminating the areas for food to become trapped, the risk for cavities is decreased.

Protect your teeth and your children's from cavities

how effective are dental sealants? 

Over the years, dental sealants have proven to be highly effective.  it protects teeth 90% from being decayed compared to those which have no sealants at all.  you just have to make sure that the sealant is secure so that bacteria and food particles can’t penetrate and cause cavities.

How are dental sealant applied ?

The application of dental sealants is quick and painless.  you need about half an hour on the dental chair for this procedure.  first, the teeth are cleaned thoroughly on the surfaces, pits and creases.  this is to ensure that there will be no trapped food debris on the pits after the sealants are placed.  second, the teeth are dried, a gel is placed and then washed off.

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Another widely accepted way of protecting teeth from bacterial decay is the use of fluoride. while sealants are applied topically by a dentist, fluoride is applied by using fluoride toothpaste daily or using fluoridated solution. fluoride is However, use of these kinds of substances is not a substitute for everyday dental care and hygiene. brushing twice and flossing daily is very important to maintain good dental health. supplement your teeth.

as always said, visit a dentist twice in a year if you want your smile to last for longer years.

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