Dental clinical cases

Case 1

Paul is a 72 years old patient who was frustrated with his upper and lower removable dentures. He decided on an implants’ secured zirconia arches.
Paul is very happy with the outcome and now he can eat and smil;e without worry or discomfort.

removable dentures Baytwon

Case 2

Davis is 73 years old male that needed all his upper teeth extracted and lower teeth crowns. Mr. Davis did not want a denture and wanted to get a new smile in one day. He decided on an implant supported porcelain arch of teeth.
The first three pictures shows Patient mouth before and after a minor surgery ( same day temporary restoration) . The last picture shows the final restorations with zirconia arch for Upper teeth and ceramic crowns on lower teeth.
Davis is Very happy with the results. He enjoys food again and can smile with confidence.

Same day of surgery
Final restoration

Case 3

This is a patient in his sixties. He is a well known lecturer . He  is a pipe smoker. He had anterior teeth treated with veneers few years ago and was never satisfied with the way they looked.
We removed all the previous work and restored with full c overage crowns ( PFM) and restored his smile line