Aesthetic Zone Implants

Aesthetically-Driven Treatment Planning

Placing and restoring dental implants in the aesthetic zone, or the area visible when you smile, presents one of the more challenging restoration treatments in implant dentistry. Not only does the function of front teeth dental implants need to be considered, but the planning must be aesthetically driven to produce the most natural and attractive outcomes for the patient. Treatment can range from simple surgery to multiple complex procedures involving soft and hard tissue grafting, all of which fall within the skillset and level of expertise held by Dr. Seif. Though we provide the most advanced techniques and accurate treatment planning, some front teeth dental implants cases can present a challenge, and we always inform patients of the reality of procedural outcomes as they relate to their aesthetic expectations.

We achieve superior aesthetic outcomes by:

  • Providing a thorough evaluation of oral health and anatomy
  • Completing bone grafting and connective tissue grafting
  • Precision planning dental implant surgery with 3D digital
  • Using advanced quality and aesthetically-driven materials

The Implant Placement Process

Much of the process for placing dental implants in the aesthetic zone is the same as replacing teeth anywhere else in the mouth. However, the driving force—final aesthetic outcomes—is one of our main concerns when treatment planning front teeth dental implants. Our cone beam CT scanner takes precise 3D digital images of your teeth and bone, which we use to plan and carry out dental implant surgery with unparalleled precision and detail. With the foundation accurately in place, we restore front teeth dental implants with high-quality and custom dental crowns that fit perfectly in every aspect for a fully restored and beautiful new smile.