Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening

Knowing what is best for your teeth is not always easy.While you want your teeth to look you also need to ensure that they stay healthy and that your long-term oral health does not suffer in order to get those pearly whites. At Baytown gentle dental clinic we give you the materials to apply at...
dental Implant treatment

What are dental implants?

What are dental implants? And how it is done at the Baytown gentle dental clinic? Dental implants are typically made of titanium today. They are surgically inserted into the jaw to replace the teeth and their roots. In addition, implants can replace much more than just dental structures. They also support the surrounding teeth. When...

General Dentistry

At Baytown gentle dental, we understand how important it is to find a dentist’s office that makes you feel comfortable, offers you the latest in technology and procedures, and that is able to work with all members of your family from children through to seniors. Baytown gentle dental and the staff in the clinic are...